Thursday, August 04, 2005

Scissor Shock te necesita/needs you

Bueno, por fin hoy pude subir la entrevista de Scissor Shock y me parece que quedo bien, pero ahora Scissor Shock tiene un problema, necesita su ayuda de todos los que se interesen en esta gran banda y, a traves de su mano caritativa, incluso obtendran su propia cancion de exclusivamente escrita y grabada por la banda.

El problema es que quieren atracar a Adam Cooley (acerca de un accidente que no ocurrio pero las otras personas insisten en proceder legalmente), sin seguro, sin experiencia legal y sin poder pagar un abogado, Adam decidio pagar la suma que piden los denunciantes la cual es total de $608.53 (dolares por supuesto), el problema es que no tiene dinero, y ahi es donde entra su ayuda, si le mandan $3 dolares (o mas, es una cantidad minima sugerida), Adam se encargara de grabar una cancion personalizada y exclusiva para el donante, la cual se las hara llegar como MP3, incluso pueden decirle como la quieren (si rapida o lenta o ultra rapida o ultra gritada), asi ayudaran a su causa. (Por razones de tiempo y espacio, no pude traducir todo el post original de Adam, pero lo reproducire exactamente en la parte en ingles, abajo de esto)

Pueden mandar sus donativos a: por PayPal (para cheques y money orders)
Por correo tradicional en efectivo:
-Adam Cooley
342 N Gladstone Ave
Columbus, IN 47201


So finally today i got to post the Scissor Shock interview and it seems everything turned out fine, but now the band has a problem, they need the help of everyone who's interested in this fine band and, thru your helping hand, get your own exclusive song written and recorded by the band.

So here's Adam Cooley's description of everything, i'll let him explain in detail everything, just keep in mind that he took the message straight from MySpace so disregard any mention of that:

"Okay, about 2 months ago, some asshole backed his car into mine as I was in the mall. I came out and dude and wife had called the cops and a cop showed up and said that it was MY fault, that I had hit them, and I contested it, and cop said, "Well, they're the ones who called." And I said, "I WOULDN'T HAVE CALLED EVEN IF THEY HAD HIT ME!" Because, guess what, folks? There was no damage. No bumps, no paint chipping, no scratches. Nothing.

And so, the cop had me back up and he examined this. I talked to him a few days later and asked if he had seen any damage. He maintained that the accident was still my fault but that, no, he hadn't seen damage and that I probably wouldn't hear from those assholes again.

A month later, I heard from those assholes again. Or their insurance company, at least. And they said "Give us a statement." I gave 'em one, and they talked to the cop who said he didn't see any damage. And then their insurance company said, "Okay, I put it right here on the claim report: No damage. According to the cop. You probably won't hear from us again."

A month later, today, I get a letter in the mail. I owe $608.53 for damages from where I supposedly hit dude and wife and it left a scratch and the paint had to be refinished. I went down to their insurance company today and blasted everybody (not with a gun). I was pissed. I called up the dudes who wants the money and said, "Listen, I got a fucking statement from the cop saying he didn't see any damage! THERE WAS NO DAMAGE!" And he said, "The cop isn't a qualified mechanic. It's just his opinion." And I said, "HE WAS MY WITNESS. 5 MINUTES AFTER THE QUOTE-UNQUOTE 'ACCIDENT', HE SAW NOTHING. NO DAMAGE TO HIS CAR, NONE TO MINE." And he said, "You owe $608.53. I need it in a few months. If you wanna take it to court, you can."

So, I explained that the cop even said he'd go to court with me, and he said, "But the cop isn't a mechanic! It won't make a difference!" And I said, "Wow, a police man's word means NOTHING anymore? I find that hard to believe! The dude could have put a scratch on his car after that day!" And he said, "So, you're saying he did that?" And I said, "I'd like not to think so, but common sense says that there was no damage the day of the accident or the day before, so it had to happen after that, right?" So, we argued for forever, and he said either I take em to court or I start paying $75 a month. I have to let him know in a few weeks.

So, I thought about court... court COSTS, hiring an attorney, even fucking talking to an attorney is at least $40. Then, what if dude is right? What if the cop's opinion doesn't matter? What if I lost? Then, I'd have to pay $608.53 AND the court costs AND the lawyer AND the gas money driving to court and back AND buying a suit (okay, the last one doesn't matter, but I'd want to look good in court, man!). So, I am thinking right now.. fuck it. I'll just pay the shit. Maybe I'll change my mind in the next few weeks, but $75 a month ain't much.

Except that I'm currently unemployed. Yeah yeah, I'm going to start looking for a nice and cushy 3rd shift job next week, making a little better than minimum wage and never being able to sleep again. But whether I get hired or not is not the point; I fucking am going to be spending $608.53 of my dollars that shouldn't be going out at all!

So, I've come up with a plan. I have lots of myspace friends, right? Well, what if THEY helped me pay? "WHAT?!!! YOU'RE ASKING US FOR MONEY? WE LOVE YOUR MUSIC, BUT.. MONEY?! YOU WANT MONEY FROM US?!!" Listen, folks. I would never ask you dudes for money. All 4000+ of you mean something to me... either I added you cuz you're cool or you added me cuz you think I'm cool. Or like my shitty music. Whatever. But I feel like we have a sense of trust, a sense of togetherness now. And this is when I need you most.

So, here is an idea I have. For the cost of $3 (yes, THREE DOLLARS!), I will make a song for you. That's right. I will program, scream over, speed up, manipulate, have sex, whatever you want, for only $3. Or you can give me more money, I don't care. But for every $3 I get from a person, I will make a song for you. And upload it to yousendit and you can download it. A specialized song. It won't be the best quality thing ever, as I may have to make a few thousand of these, but you know what? It'll give you guys a sense of accomplishment for giving me money. And it'll give you a specialized song from (hopefully) one of your favorite artists! I can't send the songs on CD-R, because I don't have money to buy CD-R's or pay for stamps (unless you give me more than $3 *wink wink*). But, yes, please please do this. I thank you all in advance.

So, basically..

Paypal me $3 (or more!) to or send it to me to:

Adam Cooley
342 N Gladstone Ave
Columbus, IN 47201

No matter what you do, leave me your email address so I can send you a link to the mp3 (or the mp3 itself). You can specify if you want a slow song, a fast song, a REALLY fast song, and you can even give me lyrics to sing or tell me who the song is about or what. But it will be a special song just for you. No kidding.

If you all don't mind, and I know I'm asking a lot here, but you could put this message up on your journals, myspaces, or message boards. I just.. sigh.. I just need help. Please.

Thank you all for understanding during this time of need. I love you tons, folks."

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