Tuesday, August 09, 2005

August 9 de Agosto Lanzamientos/Releases

*Bardo Pond – Selections Vol. 1-4
*Blue Cheer – Live Bootleg: London-Hamburg
*John Cale – Process (Original Soundtrack Recording)
*Chimaira s/t
*Cursive – Difference Between Houses And Homes: Lost Songs And Loose Ends 1995-2001
*Miles Davis – Bopping The Blues (reissue)
*Doomriders – Black Thunder
*The Fleshtones – Beachhead
*Bill Frisell – East/West
*Fursaxa – Lepidoptera
*Juliana Hatfield – Made In China
*Hawkwind – Astounding Sounds, Amazing Music/Quark Strangeness And Charm (reissue)
*Kool Keith – Lost Masters, Vol. 2
*Moggs – White Belt Is Not Enough
*Mouse On Mars - Autoditacker
*Mouthus – Slow Gloves
*Orange Juice – Glasgow School
*The Plimsouls – One Night In America (reissue)
*Rolling Stones – LP Sleeve Box Set
*sHeavy – Republic?
*Sloan – Smeared (reissue)
*Sloan – Twice Removed
*Richard Thompson – Front Parlour Ballads
*Van Der Graaf Generator – Vital (reissue)
*Van Der Graaf Generator – Quiet Zone/The Pleasure Dome (reissue)
*Van Der Graaf Generator – World Record (reissue)
*The Mothers Of Invention – We’re Only In It For The Money (reissue)
*Devo – Complete Truth About De-Evolution/Devo Live
*Lunachicks – XXX Naked

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