Wednesday, August 17, 2005

August 16 de Agosto Releases/Lanzamientos

*Jeff Buckley – Grace (reissue International)
*Johnny Cash – Legend (bonus CD+DVD)
*Johnny Cash – At Folsom Prison (reissue International)
*Tony Conrad – Bryant Park Moratorium Rally (1969)
*Cowboy Junkies – Early 21st Century Blues
*The Cure – Seventeen Seconds (Deluxe Edition International)
*The Cure – Faith (Deluxe Edition International)
*The Cure – Pornopgraphy (Deluxe Edition International)
*Miles Davis – In A Silent Way (reissue International)
*Bob Dylan – s/t (reissue International)
*Bob Dylan – Times They Are A-Changing (reissue International)
*Bob Dylan – Greatest Hits (reissue International)
*Bob Dylan – Greatest Hits Vol. 2 (reissue International)
*The Fall Of Troy – Doppelganger
*Gang Gang Dance – Hillulah EP
*Madness – Dangerman Sessions
*Mott The Hoople – Family Anthology
*Oxes – Oxes EP
*Ramones – Weird Tales Of The Ramones
*Lou Reed – Coney Island Baby (reissue International)
*Sex Pistols – Submissions: Sex Pistols Live/Sid Vicious Live At The Electric Ballroom
*Patti Smith – Horses (reissue International)
*The Stooges (Deluxe Edition)
*The Stooges – Funhouse (Deluxe Edition)
*Van Der Graaf Generator – Still Life (reissue)
*Van Der Graaf Generator – Godbluff (reissue)
*Venetian Snares – Meathole
*Vibracathedral Orchestra – Tuning To The Rooster
*Wu-Tang Clan – Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) (reissue International)
*Frank Zappa & Captain Beefheart – Bongo Fury (reissue)
*ABBA – The Movie
*ABBA – Waterloo
*Best Of He-Man and the Masters Of The Universe – Season One
*Best Of He-Man and the Masters Of The Universe – Season Two
*Muppet Show - Season One
*The O.C. – Complete Season 1
*The O.C. – Complete Seasons 1 & 2
*Police – Walking On The Moon
*Simpsons – Complete 6th Seasons
*Sin City
*Thundercats – Season One


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