Monday, August 01, 2005

August 2 de Agosto Releases/Lanzamientos

*Agoraphobic Nosebleed – Bestial Machinery
*Black Sabbath – Best Of
*Boris – At Last-Feedbacker
*David Bowie – David Bowie Live (reissue)
*David Bowie – Stage (reissue)
*Johnny Cash – Legend
*John Coltrane – Bethlehem Years (reissue)
*Current 93 – How I Devoured Apocalypse Balloon
*Miles Davis – Movin’ On (reissue)
*The Fall – Perverted By Language (reissue)
*The Fall – Room To Live (reissue)
*Richard Hell – Spurts: The Story Of Richard Hell
*Janis Joplin – Box Of Pearls: The Janis Joplin Collection
*Kid 606 - Resilience
*Killing Joke – Ha! Killing Joke Live (UK Bonus Tracks)
*Killing Joke – Killing Joke (UK Bonus Tracks)
*Killing Joke – Revelations (UK Bonus Tracks)
*Killing Joke – What’s This For? (UK Bonus Tracks)
*Madredeus – Faluas Do Tejo: Lisboa 2004
*Charles Mingus – East Coasting (reissue)
*Pentagram – Day Of Reckoning
*Public Enemy – Power To The People And The Beat: Public Enemy’s Greatest Hits
*Ramones – Adios Amigos!
*Rocket From The Crypt – Scream, Dracula, Scream! (reissue)
*Slits – Live At The Gibus Club
*Underworld – Double Play: Second Toughest On The Infants/Beaucoup Fish (reissue)
*Violent Femmes – BBC Live
*Axl Rose – The Prettiest Star
*Beulah – A Good Band Is Easy To Kill
*Black Sabbath – Rock Review: A Critical Retrospective
*John Coltrane – Trane Tracks
*Inside King Crimson – A Critical Review 1972-1975

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