Friday, May 27, 2005

Music News and Rants

The Offspring are releasing a greatest hits set. Raise your hand if you care

Interpol are contributing a new song to the soundtrack of the tv series Six Feet Under; coincidentially, i would love to see Interpol buried six feet under. By the way, why is there not a song by the band Six Feet Under? You know, a good old song, oh well...

Dashboard Confessional are recording their next album in Vancouver with producer Daniel Lanois, famous for his production work with the likes of U2. Early reports confirm that the sessions are bringing results described as whiny songs with lots of delay.

At the age of 200, Willie Nelson is releasing a reggae album; it will probably be titled “Too Young For Pretty Much Nothing, Never Too Old To Smoke”

Audioslave played in Cuba, the goverment used them as an example of what’s wrong with capitalistic countries, no doubt about it.

The Backstreet Boys are releasing a new album in June; their fans, now around the age 25, couldn’t care less.

The Rolling Stones are too old, they’re letting Pearl Jam, Black Eyed Peas and John Mayer open their next tour. No one should let John Mayer play at all

Sugar Ray are also releasing a greatest hits set, to celebrate their career as fratcore rock trailblazers, they decided to massacre Cindy Lauper’s “Time After Time”...I’d like to remind Sugar Ray that the song has no blame for their lack of talent.

DMX will issue a new studio album on June 28, celebrate by doing a drive–by shooting, get a pitbull or go to court

Fresh after the reunion of his legendary band Slint and on the eve of the release of his solo album, David Pajo has announced he is forming a new band with Michael McMahan (also of Slint), touring Slint bassist Todd Cook and drummer Tony Bailey. Pajo described the band’s music as metal...yeah, you heard that right, in his own words: “I didn't want it to be indie-rock metal -- I wanted it to be 'death to false metal' metal!". I knew he was on to something when i saw a picture of him wearing a Voivod t-shirt

Speaking of Pajo’s ex-bandmates, Billy Corgan has said what everybody knew all along: Zwan sucked; he has been talking about how fucked everyone in that band was and how it broke his heart that the band wasn’t Smashing Pumpkins Part II. I hope he finally got a clue, these declarations show that he’s on to something.

The Darkness fired their bass player before he spontaneously combusted onstage...seriously, if you still think The Darkness are the greatest thing to happen to rock since “throwing the goat” was invented, you should go out now and find this little movie called Spinal Tap and watch it, then experience how your world transforms into something else. Same goes to people who like Moderatto.

This was too good to be true and, of course, it turns out it didn’t last. The Vines are recording a new album; i wonder if people are gonna be fooled a third time into buying crappy music made by retarded people.

Not content with filling every inch of dry land in the surface of the planet with their coffee shops, now Starbucks is a record label, no metaphor can come close to the cold fact of a corporate franchise chain fitting in with the rest of the big labels.

Cursive are putting together a rarities and b-sides album to be released in August, i bet someone is crying for this right now

There’s a tribute to Melvins coming out on August 23 and it seems it’s going to get the prize for “Best Tribute Album Ever”, check the track list:

MARE – "Nightgoat"
MASTODON - "The Bit"
ABSENTEE - "Revolve"
MEATJACK - "Shevil"
EYEHATEGOD - "Easy as It Was"
DISENGAGE - "Raise a Paw"
CKY/GNARKILL - "Laughing With Lucifer At Satan’s Sideshow"
MADE OUT BABIES - "Bar X and The Rocking M"

People are calling Coldplay the next U2, which seems rather appropiate, they are just as bad and untalented; i don’t know if it implies that in 10 years, Coldplay will start to rip-off Sonic Youth.

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