Wednesday, May 11, 2005

MP3 downloads: Turbonegro

The dirty Norwegians just issued a DVD (Reserection) and are about to release both an official studio album (Party Animals) and a live cd (the reissued Darkness Forever!); what's more, if you go to the band's site ( you can not only already buy the new studio album but also buy some movie with performances by Turbo plus the Adolescents, Peter Pan Speedrock, Electric Eel Shock and more.

Turbonegro's biggest influence, Alice Cooper and Misfits comparisons aside, is probably Spinal Tap, not because they're a joke (which isn't entirely true or entirely false) but because they take self ridicule to new heights, recasting it. Turbo are fun, and that's something you don't get everyday anymore, fun bands; plus they're kinda shocking and they have amazing songs that beg to be screamed by drunk, fucked up people. In short, this is the band people like The Darkness want to be

So if you haven't already, then here is the brand new single from Turbonegro: "All My Friends Are Dead"; plus i threw in (well, not me, the Turbo site, actually) another Turbo gem from their now classic album Apocalypse Dudes.

Turbonegro - All My Friends Are Dead from the album Party Animals (2005)
Turbonegro - Rock Against Ass from the album Apocalypse Dudes (1997)

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