Tuesday, May 24, 2005

MP3 download: Boris

Boris is a band i have been digging for the last couple of weeks and no wonder why: they totally wreck every frequency they invade. For starters, Boris is a Japanese power trio that could be thrown into the "drone sludge" label but in a way defies the category, they could be described as Sunn O))) meets the Melvins meets even Mono or Explosions In The Sky; most of their albums are conceptual pieces, some of them consisting of a single track, and most are short of genius; they have collaborated with Merzbow and Keiji Haino, their singer plays a double bass/guitar and their name comes from a song by the Melvins, how cool is that?

Southern Lord has recently issued Akuma No Uta in the US, Mysanthropic Agenda released the limited edition Dronevil double vinyl (Mysanthropic Agenda also put out Merzbow's Frog:Remixed and Revisited which includes an appearance of the band) and, in Europe, Conspiracy put out At Last-Feedbacker. I'm putting up the title track of the Southern Lord release, which i just got after digging Absolutego and At Last-Feedbacker (both fucking A):

Boris - Akuma No Uta from the album Akuma No Uta

Boris' site: www.inoxia-rec.com/boris
Boris' site at Southern Lord: www.southernlord.com/boris/index.html
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