Sunday, May 29, 2005

Alkaline Trio - Crimson

Alkaline Trio

Esto me suena a una versión pop punk de Love and Rockets. Como la banda de los 80’s con ex-miembros de Bauhaus, este disco trata de encontrar un terreno en comun entre sonidos oscuros y tenebrosos y canciones pop que se puedan oír en el radio. Como hacer un funeral en un parque de patinetos, pero esto es mejor que la gente que se le ocurren cosas así.


Love and Rockets pop punk, that’s what this sounds to me. Like the 80’s band featuring former members of Bauhaus, this record tries to find a common ground between dark, brooding soundscapes and poppy, mainstream-sounding songs. Like hosting a funeral at a skate park, but this is better than most people who dream up stuff like that.

Time To Waste.mp3


Frank Realitos said...

Okay, seriously...

if that line "Like hosting a funeral at a skate park" is yours, hats off to you.

That's just fucking great. And a perfect way to describe this band.

And to think I've always been stuck with "like the drugged out, fucked up, sort of goth little brother of Blink 182."

Marcos Hassan said...

Hey, thanks Frank!!

By the way, your blog's awesome; and you should go out and print those "Pitchfuck" shirts