Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Music News And Rants

Willie Nelson, hyper beardo, weed-soaked country singer, celebrated his birthday this past Saturday April 30th , he’s now 200 years old:

Thorns, ancient Norweigan black metal band, are recording a new album; Snorre Ruch, the band’s mainman is going to have pretty much all-jazz musicians for this record. That’s weird: black metal+jazz= ? something either brilliant or stupid: anyway, Hellhammer is playing session drums on this fucker, so you know those blastbeats are gonna grind hard; even weirder, Snorre’s other band, Thorns LTD are playing at the Whitney Museum Of American Art in New York (yeah, the same museum where Stephen Malkmus and the second drummer in Pavement used to work, also a museum that’s held more than one Kim Gordon exposition), black metal+museum=something i hope.

I hope you already know it but in case you still don’t: the prize for most badass reunion of the year is already decided and it’s unappealable, the baddest reunion this year is Stryper. Period.

This is cool shit, finally, after pretty much decades, seminal Texan metal/hardcore punk crossover band Watchtower have re-released their debut Energetic Disassembly; this is supposedly hot shit, so i might check it out, it’s sort of legendary actually

More D news. The Pick Of Destiny, Tenacious D bio-pic is not only in the works but it’s gonna count with the participation of Ronnie James Dio, yeah, this movie keeps getting cooler.

Fresh from being branded “Classic Album” by this very same blog, DJ Shadow’s ...Endtroducing will get the honor of getting the whole enchilada treatment, getting deluxed and expanded for tentative release this next June 7; the set will consist of demos, a live track, remixes and alternate versions; plus liner notes and cool shit like that. The thing is classic, and if it’s classic then you probably need to buy it twice, enough said.

Listen to a man who played on Appetite For Destruction:

Sodom will release a retrospective DVD with shows and Behind The Music and all that shit in July, why isn’t it July yet?

“ What scenes from Spinal Tap hit home?

Robert Plant: Getting lost on the way to the stage. That was us, playing in Baltimore. It took twenty-five minutes to do the hundred yards from our Holiday Inn through the kitchen to the arena.”...1 gag cleared, 790 000 left to acknowledge.

Next Saturday, May 14 at 12:00 p.m. PST get online and go to for a chance to chat with Kerry King, ask him about his tattoos or about music theory or killing dogs or something, hopefully he’ll get pissed off

If you still don’t have a Real Player, then download it fast and then click here to watch a new video of Candlemass. Let thy be doom, son of a beeyatch!!!

Am i crazy or is the dude from Matchbox 20 trying to be Justin Timberlake? I swear i saw him parade around the tv, “dancing” while being surrounded by 700 rented models while i was flipping the channels; oh well, i’ve seen weirder, less predictable shit...

Fugazi is in either a cool vacation or finally over; Ian is playing “Let’s Pretend We’re The White Stripes” in The Evens, Joe Lally is of course slaying somewhere in the world with Decahedron and now Brendan Canty will be drumming on tour with Bob Mould (sweet, eh?). Wonder what Guy is doing...

This is going to be a tour with some very confused audiences, System Of A Down and The Mars Volta are touring together this summer; yeah, Slipknot fans are gonna mosh to 30-minute prog improvisations.

This is one cool blog:, it’s Thomas Gabriel Warrior from Celtic Frost’s blog! He’s keeping a sort of diary from the recording of Celtic Frost’s next album! Yeah, the Frost is on again, get hip to the Frost before they become reunion of the year (ohh, yeah, almost forgot...Stryper is already reunion of the year); so run and go get Morbid Tales, Into The Pandemonium and To Mega Therion, also get the Hellhammer cd so you can dazzle people by saying how better Hellhammer was compared to the Frost.

Low are cancelling their tour because Alan Sparhawk “hasn’t been mentally stabble”...sounds like a bummer, I hope he gets better and comes out rocking again

Megadeth bailed on some European because some “full-on Satanic” bands were gonna open and Dave Mustaine, who is now born-again christian, wasn’t having any of it; yeah, you want some “good” openers, get Creed (who don’t exist anymore) or P.O.D. (if they still exist) or, better yet, do a co-headlining tour with Stryper (reunion of the year which, if you do the math, would make it tour of the year). Mustaine shouldn’t be surprised about Satanic bands, this is metal, bro!! Yet people are taking it the wrong way: Mustaine is an asshole, and he cancelled the shows to be an asshole and he’s pointing fingers because that makes him an asshole, simple as that; dude is an asshole...a declining asshole.

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