Sunday, May 29, 2005

Meshuggah - Catch Thirty-Three

Catch Thirty-Three
Nuclear Blast

Que carajos le pasó a Meshuggah? Se acuerdan cuando eran la vanguardia en cuanto a cosas pesadas y complicadas se refería? A donde se han ido los días de Destroy Erase Improve? Ahora todo lo que hacen es repetir el mismo pinche riff que vienen tocando desde el disco pasado una y otra y otra vez, con algunas pausas aquí y alla. Meshuggah debería de solo sacar discos de una sola canción, hubiera sido mejor si todo el disco solo tuviera las rolas “In Death – Is Death” and “Shed” como una sola.


What the fuck happened to Meshuggah? Remember when they were like the vanguard on heavy, complicated shit? Where have the days of Destroy Erase Improve have gone? All they do now is repeat the same riff they have been playing since their last album over and over, with a few breaks here and there. Meshuggah should stick to releasing one song records, this would have been way better if they just released the songs “In Death – Is Death” and “Shed”.


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