Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Special Service Anouncement

Well, i've kinda been infrequent here but i had had some serious technical problems, like losing my internet connection over some untraceable trojan or spyware or something and also have the electricity company change some of the wiring and stuff, meaning that i went almost-days without light or computer...well anyway, big stuff coming up:

Observant readers will notice that i killed the "Classic Albums" and "MP3 Download" sections of the site, and the reason for these is that "classic albums" sound pretentious as fuck, and that's just not me; also, i thought about uploading single songs and stuff without them being an advance of an album or a label upload, just songs i feel like sharing or talking about them, so to that necessity i just put a "Downloads" section, divided in diferent stuff, like "Favorite Albums", which is a more accurate representation of what i do when picking a record i like and want to share with you; also there are "MP3s of Interest" which are either songs i like and want to upload for the hell of it or stuff that's coming up or bands/labels are putting oup for the public and i think you need to know. I might expand the section with a "Trailers" thing but that's going to be slower-growing

Another thing, the server i was hosting the radio show on crapped out and now you can't access it, i'm still figuring what to do; i hope to come up with a solution soon and do show numero 2 soon too

I'm going on vacations on a couple of weeks and, while i'll be able to still write stuff up, it's not going be very often; also, i won't be able to upload any files from my computer, and i'm not bringing a lot of cds to the trip, so here's the deal: i'll have a bunch of stuff up in the next couple of weeks written up and ripped and shit and i'll be uploading one by one, i might even get ahead of the class, do some homework and even get some files up so i can send them later on. But more importantly, i have a few interviews ready to go, a bunch of album reviews and many things to write up and rail about, so stay in tune, i'll hope to be more consistent in the next couple of weeks.

Oh yeah, one more thing: every music fan/blogger/snob (titles which, oddly, sometimes are interchangeble, sometimes are exclusive of one another and sometimes are inclusive of each other) are doing their "best of the year so far" album lists, i'm also having a piece of that pie and publish mine pretty soon, and also i'm going to give my honest brutal opinion on everyone else's favorites (read: unmask poseurs and hype machines)

Thanks for reading y'all!!


PS: I'm also working on a spanish mirror to this site, i hope it'll be up soon.

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