Sunday, June 05, 2005

Obsolete Radio Show 1

Well, yeah, the blogzine is branching out to other stuff, cool stuff that has to do with music of course. So here's the first ever Obsolete Radio show, where you can here me spin some of my favorite music, music you might already like or stuff you might have wanted to check out but could find the time or the resources to further investigate that; at the very least, it's cool background sound filler for whatever you might be doing, best thing is that it's available 24/7 during the time it's up. Since this no man's land, you know, the internet, it means i have a certain amount of freedom to do a lot of stuff people in regular radio get fired for, i can curse on the air (Parental Advisory, kids), i don't have a time limit, i can come up with crazy themes for shows or just play whatever i want (like on this first one) and the show can be done and uploaded whenever i can (i promise to be consist and kinda regular on this, though); so yeah, i guess that's the sales pitch.

Now, keep in mind that it was my first ever radio show and i was overseeing a lot of technical stuff as I was taping my comments; the shows will be updated every week aprox., give or take. This show is about an hour and 40 minutes long and i compressed it into a 90-something kbps mp3, so it's 72 MB, it sounds a bit radio-ish but it still sounds good, i'll keep experimenting with stuff; so well, enjoy, here it is; right click and "save target as..." or click on it so a media player starts reproducing the stuff (dependes on your configuration). Don't forget to leave your suggestions, comments and complaints:

Obsolete Radio #1.mp3


At The Drive-In: Rolodex Propaganda/ Relationship Of Command (2000)
Sleater-Kinney: Jumpers/ The Woods (2005)
Sleater-Kinney: One More Hour/ Dig Me Out (1997)
Gang Of Four: Anthrax/ Entertainment! (1979)
Wolf Eyes: Stabbed In The Face/ Burned Mind (2004)
Exodus: Piranha (live)/ Another Lesson In Violence (1997)
Jesus Lizard: Monkey Trick (Peel Session)/ (1991)
Nile: User-Maat-Re/ Annihilation Of The Wicked (2005)
Wires On Fire: Indigo Child/ V.A. - Golden Grouper 1 (2004)
Alice Cooper: I’m Eighteen/ Love It To Death (1971)
Turbonegro: I Got Erection/ Ass Cobra (1996)
Black Flag: Damaged II (demo)/ Damaged demos (1981)
Boredoms: Acid Police/ Chocolate Synthetizer (1995)
Stephen Malkmus: I’ve Hardly Been/ Face The Truth (2005)
Primal Scream: Some Velvet Morning (Two Lone Swordsmen remix)/ Dirty Hits (2003)
Necros: Sex Drive/ Sex Drive 7” (1981)
Necros: Police Brutality/ Sex Drive 7” (1981)
Spiritualized: I Think I’m In Love/ Ladies And Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space (1997)


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