Monday, July 03, 2006

News And Rants

If you give a crap about drummer magazines then congratulations!!!! You belong to a very exclusive world of suckers who are making money for a couple of people who don’t deserve it. But on the new issue of Modern Drummer, the one with The Police’s Stewart Copeland on the cover, has an article on Damon Che of Don Caballero, so you know to go to your favorite magazine shop, read the article and put the mag back on the rack (i got mad skillz yo!). Seriously, what good comes of drummer magazines?

Who’s coming to the Touch & Go Records 25th Anniversary? It’s going to slay!!! If you still don’t know who’s playing, check the list below. By the way BIG BLACK REUNITES!!! Yes! Albini, Durango and Pezzati (still no word if Roland will be the drummer or if there’s still issues and lawsuits pending) are gonna get up and do a couple of songs, it’s not a complete set but it’s enough. Here’s the other bands to get you giddy, the show will happen September 8-10 at the Tenth Annual Hideout Block Party:


3 Mile Pilot
The Black Heart Procession
Didjits (all original members)
The EX
Girls Against Boys (all original members)
Killdozer (all original members)
Ted Leo + Pharmacists
Man or Astroman? (all original members)
Negative Approach (featuring John Brannon and OP Moore, Can you believe it?! NEGATIVE-tupa-tupa-tu-APPROACH!!)
The New Year
Scratch Acid (all original members)
The Shipping News
...and they still have one more band to anounce (pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease Jesus Lizard! Jesus Lizard!...well, i’ll settle for Die Kreuzen)

Check out the new Mecca Normal animated video, it’s funny (not ha ha funny, just funny)

Snakes? Booty? Breakdancers? C+C Music Factory? The end credits video for Snakes On A Plane is going to go off!!! Officially, it has become the most bizarre movie in the history of filmmaking.

Converge have the new album’s title!!! It will be called No Heroes!! In short, they say that these days there aren’t a lot of people who’d suffer or are passionate about art and life...except for the ‘Verge!!! The cd will be put out by Epitaph.

Voivod posted a mp3 of a new song from their album Katorz, which comes out on July 25. The song, called “The X-Stream” sounds like Rocket From The Crypt but a teeny bit more metal. Weird.

Voivod – The X-Stream.mp3

Dischord is gonna release a crapload of new stuff on the second half of this present year, of which the most prominent are: Channels, with J Robbins (ex-Goverment Issue, Jawbox and Burning Airlines, in case you didn’t know) will issue their debut full lenght album on August 28. So far, they have only released an EP thru DeSoto called Open, the bands sounds cool; here, i leave you with an mp3 from the EP courtesy of DeSoto:

Channels – Chivaree.mp3

Also thru Dischord in October will be made available There To Here, the debut solo album by Joe Lally produced by the kickass tag team of Ian MacKaye and Don Zientara at Inner Ear Studios. The album has stellar guest spots by Ian, Guy Picciotto, Wino, Amy Farina, Eddie Janney, Jason Kourkounis, Jerry Busher, Danny Frankel and Antonia Tricarico. Now you know at least 75% of Fugazi are still getting along, so stop your whinning kids.

Also from Fugazi, Brendan Canty has produced the new album by Dischorders French Toast.

And to end with the Fugazi related news, The Evens are recording their next album and are hoping to release it during Fall of this year.

I thought i was done but i’m not. 10 new shows have been added to Fugazi’s live series; to browse and buy that stuff, click here.

On August 15 comes Thunder Down Under by HOT MUTHAFUCKIN’ SNAKES.

Unless it contains the words “break up” and “reform At The Drive-In”, any other Mars Volta news is a waste of time, especially after their last album Frances Of An Exhibition.

So they are gonna do a movie about Jeff Buckley...

And if you live in Portland, Sleater-Kinney has scheduled their real last show there.

If there would be just one good compilation all year, Suicide Squeeze’s 10th Anniversary one would be it; and with a tracklisting like this, who can’t it be? By the way, don’t blow it and really buy it if you want it because it’ll be limited to 6000 copies (which is a lot i know, but that means records won’t last for long). It comes out July 25th:

Disc 1

1. 764-Hero "Now You're Swimming"
2. Modest Mouse "A Life of Arctic Sounds"
3. The Scenic Vermont "Elementary" #
4. Elliott Smith "Division Day"
5. Modest Mouse / 764-Hero "Whenever You See Fit (DJ Dynomite D REMIX)
6. Pennsy's Electric Workhorses Songs "Cycle Suitor" * #
7. Pedro the Lion "June 18, 1976"
8. The Black Heart Procession "After the Ladder" #
9. Aspera "Bird's Fly" #
10. Constantines "Dirty Business" #
11. The Magic Magicians "Cascade Express"
12. The Black Keys "Yearnin' (live)"
13. Iron and Wine / Six Parts Seven "Sleeping Diagonally"
14. The Melvins "With Teeth (live)" #
15. Les Savy Fav "We'll Make a Lover of You" #
16. Hint Hint "Natural Collegiate"
17. We Ragazzi "Making You Queens Tonight"
18. The Unicorns "2014"
19. S "5 Dollars"
20. Goon Moon "Rock Weird (Weird Rock)"

Disc 2
1. Minus the Bear "The Game Needed Me (Dalek REMIX)" *
2. The Aislers Set "What Fades First (demo)" *
3. Headphones "Gas and Matches (acoustic)" *
4. Crystal Skulls "Baby Boy (demo)" *
5. Six Parts Seven "Afternoon Bed" *
6. Metal Hearts "Jean Baptiste" *
7. Of Montreal "Voltaic Crusher/Undrum to Muted Da" +
8. Chin Up Chin Up "Trophy's for Hire" *
9. Earlimart "Caruthers Boy" *
10. Red Stars Theory "Evergreen and Ivorbean" *
11. Black Mountain "Voices" +
12. Russian Circles "Upper Ninety" *
13. These Arms Are Snakes "Old Paradise" *
14. Hella "Meth Leper" *

* - Previously Unreleased
+ - First time on CD
# - Out of Print

And now a “Good” and “Bad” lesson. Good: Declining an invitation to be part of the Family Values tour with faded and pathetic people like Korn and Deftones. Bad: Releasing an album featuring a collaboration with Nora Jones.

Now you can really say you can
die because of Aerosmith.

Check this video out, it’s what’s probably Megadeth’s first ever gig with Kerry King on second guitar. Headbang to
“Teh Mechanix”

Check out Unexpect, they sound like a power metal version of Magma or Koenjihyakkei; yes, that’s how awesome they sound!!! But that’s not all, their bass player plays a 9 string bass and they come from Montreal, eh!!! Skin Graft are probably kicking themselves for not signing them in the first place, it’s the kind of stuff they wet their pants for. Anyway, their album which comes out August 22 is called In A Flesh Aquarium and it will come out thru The End Records.

Unexpect – Megalomaniac Trees.mp3