Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Concerts Of The Year, Attended By Me

In no particular order:

Anthrax, Circo Volador: Before they once again became the metal Journey, i’m glad i got to see them with John Bush as their vocalist, and even though Scott Ian was not feeling well, they gave classes. Bonus to hear amazing versions of “Walk” and “Fucking Hostile”

Peter Murphy, Salón 21: Demonstrating that he’s still the best frontman in black, Murphy gave a hard rock concert like few solo artists can, in fact, he didn’t need to reunite with Bauhaus and still showed that there’s a big gap for all the H.I.M.s and My Chemical Romances

Nine Inch Nails, Palacio de los Deportes: They might have become new wave on their last record, but live, they became a truly good arena rock band

THC, Papa Bear: Crimson, Can and Lightning Bolt came out of their amps, before a steakhead metal crowd in a place that looked like a play room with a pool table. Feeling how the volume of the music incresed in mass was impressive

Tristeza/Austin TV/Hummersqueal/Sad Breakfast, Club Vintage: Sad Breakfast served screams laced with interstellar delays, Austin gave me hope for rock in my country with mellanchollic, kinetic post rock (and that instrumental music can inspire brutal slam dancing and screams), and Tristeza sent us into one circular, very intense trance

Dinosaur Jr/Broken Social Scene/Radio 4/Magik Markers, Central Park (NY): Definitely, it was not the right stage for Magik Markers and it bummed me out that Bardo Pond opened on other dates of their tour and Broken Social Scene are ok and Radio 4 are horrible, but none of this mattered after after listening to the roar of J Mascis’ amps and the energy of a band that appearantly found that the edge doesn’t have to come from hate. A show with lots of smiles.

Judas Priest/Whitesnake, Palacio De los Deportes: Because sometimes a show (especially Whitesnake) can be so bad and funny that it becomes a great concert experience. Spinal Tap is still alive and knows how to play for sure

Orquesta de Animales, Tysha Club: A very jump cut&paste improvisation, but still covering more ground than most bands’ entire careers

Morbid Angel, Hard Rock Live: This band is getting closer to facing Slayer mano a mano and giving them a hell of a fight. Still one of the raddest live bands.

Dillinger Escape Plan, Salón 21: After the ultra shitty multinational emo freakshow, DEP took the stage by the balls and smashed it to the floor the whole time. It’s amazing how crazy they can get and still play their Mahavishnu psychotic metal note for note perfectly

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Oscillator in MySpace

Oscillator now has a page in MySpace, add us to be your friends

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Still Living

So it's been two months with no postings and already most of the blog is spammed, yep, that's the way it's been here lately. Finishing college can take some time you know, but now that's over so is the year, almost, so yeah, i do have some reviews sitting plus an excellent interview with Xiu Xiu's Jamie Stewart, and above all, i'll, sometime early next month, be posting my best of the year list. Don't worry i'm back and it'll be cool


PS: I'm thinking of changing the name of the blog
PPS: Check out the new song i upload to Myspace by I/C/O/C: