Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Red Sparowes - At The Soundless Dawn

Red Sparowes
At The Soundless Dawn

An instrumental album featuring members and/or assocites of Isis, Neurosis and Converge; it sounds kinda to what you expect but then it’s almost completely different from their day jobs, and in a way, this album demonstrate another face for them to show which as good and, sometimes, even better than what they’re used to be known for. A sprawling, this-close to perfect album that envolves you into another world.

Alone And Unaware, The Landscape Was Transformed In Front Of Our Eyes.mp3
Our Happiest Days Slowly Began To Turn Into Dust.mp3

Nine Inch Nails - With Teeth

Nine Inch Nails
With Teeth

Accesible Nine Inch Nails? Never thought i’d see the day, but it’s here. If their earlier stuff was dark, hard industrial, then this is nice, angular new wave. Nothing you haven’t heard, except not as studio built as before. If you’re into NIN already, then it’s a good listen, if you don’t like them, maybe it’s a good introduction or a confirmation that they suck.

Hate Eternal - I, Monarch

Hate Eternal
I, Monarch

Superb brutal death metal with superb guitar solos make this for a superb album, but yet it still is a death metal album and not even the most kick ass solos or brutal riffing or fastest blastbeats in the world will ever make up for a genre that’s so boring, safe and predictable. Good album, anyway.

sample of Praise Of The Almighty.mp3
sample of Catacombs.mp3

Behold The Arctopus - Nano-Neuclonic Cyborg Summoning EP

Behold The Arctopus
Nano-Neuclonic Cyborg Summoning EP

Crom Tech meets Dream Theater; more pomp and circumstance, more majestic sounds than your average hyper-punk prog bands, they are sure to be a riot live, maybe they even get to play 20 minute guitar solos. MIT punks i guess.

Sensory Amusia.mp3

Asva - Futurists Against The Ocean

Futurists Against The Ocean

There’s something so orchestral and majestic about this collection of death marches, that it almost feels like the movie Amadeus (Homer: "All i know is that guy was also in Animal House, man, talk about a movie with good music!" haha, Amadeus) ; added bonus is that a few vocals were provided by the guy in the coffin while he was getting buried, and then they had the church’s chorus go up there and sing like it’s “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m looking For”, except that this time it’s no gospel, the song is a downer and this time it doesn’t suck. Neat.

Kill The Dog, Tie Them Up, Then Take The Money.mp3

Venetian Snares - Rossz Csillag Allat Szuletett

Venetian Snares
Rossz Csillag Allat Szuletett
Planet Mu

This one sounds like Beethoven jamming with Aphex Twin or something, if like Ludwig went to a rave and then got computers, some software like Reason, Rebirth and Pro Tools and started to rip thru his orchestral work like he was on E and speed at the same time. Totally exciting.


The Mars Volta - Frances The Mute

The Mars Volta
Frances The Mute

If De-loused In The Comatorium was the Volta’s In The Court Of The Crimson King, then this one is their In The Wake Of Poseidon (hell, it even sounds like later day Emerson, Lake and Palmer!), sort of like the former but not as good, kinda transitional, very wanking on the instruments but, over all, derivative and sorta unoriginal, like if they kept thinking “we’re like King Crimson and Pink Floyd on fast forward, that’s innovative enough, right? Let’s just play longer songs and have 20 solos in each one of them”. Hope this is just a bump in the road and they get to Larks’ Tongues In Aspic, Red and Discipline very soon.

Spoon - Gimme Fiction

Gimme Fiction


Who misses indie pop? The days before that meant copying as much as you can from the post punk scene circa-1980 (a bassline from Gang Of Four, a chorus from the Knack, Joy Division’s drumbeat, David Byrne’s haircut; yeah, about the haircut, i’m talking to you Franz Ferdinand, in fact, i'm talking to you about everything i mentioned, geeks!), when it was all about good twisted songs with unlike elements in them. Spoon remember, and they present this most excellent collection of skewed pop ditties with untrained vocals, quirky sounds and the occasional dissonant moment. Superb songs, that’s all there is to say.

stream I Turn My Camera On

System Of A Down - Mesmerize

System Of A Down

Hearing the first single “BYOB”, i thought that System Of A Down finally did something since their debut album that made them deserve all the hype they have been getting since 2001’s mediocrity Toxicity. But all the brilliance heard in the single (putting together galloping riffs, Iron Maiden-esque guitar melodies, a catchy chorus, political conscious lyrics, screamy hardcore punk and blastbeats) is absent from the rest of the album where they do, you guessed it, the same shit they have done for the last 2 records; in fact, i think they have never moved out of their first record, except the quality has gone down considerably; too fucking bad really. Download “BYOB”, that’s all you need here.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

July 26 de Julio Releases/Lanzamientos

*Arch Enemy – Doomsday Machine
*Derek Bailey – Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
*Ian Brown – Music Of Spheres (reissue)
*Ian Brown – Golden Greats (reissue)
*Ian Brown – Unfinished Monkey Business
*Buck 65 – Secret House Against The World
*The Flamin’ Groovies – Shake Some Action
*Flotsam & Jetsam – Dreams Of Death
*Girlschool – Race With The Devil
*Glass Candy – Iko Iko
*The Guess Who – All This For A Song (reissue)
*The Guess Who – Guess Who’s Back
*Happy Mondays – Greatest Hits
*Natalie Imbruglia – Shiver
*Isis – Oceanic (Japan reissue)
*Alanis Morissette – Jagged Little Pill Acoustic
*Bob Mould – Body Of A Song
*Mouthus – Slow Gloves
*Pelican – The Fire In Our Throats Will Beckon The Thaw
*The Prodigy – Spitfire EP
*Saint Vitus – Live
*Joe Strummer – Walker
*Turbonegro – Party Animals (Swedish bonus DVD)
*The Who – Sing My Generation (reissue)
*20th Century Master – The Best Of Rick James
*Biography – Bob Dylan
*Biography – Johnny Cash
*Danzig – Il Demonio Nera
*Inside The Doors – A Critical Review 1967-1969
*Girlschool – Live From London
*Rick James – Superfreak 1982
*S.O.D. – 20 Years Of Dysfunction [CD/DVD]

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

July 19 de Julio Releases/Lanzamientos

*Acid Mothers Temple & The Cosmic Inferno – Another Band From The Cosmic Inferno
*Frank Black – Honeycomb
*David Bowie – Collection
*The Brian Jonestown Massacre – We Are The Radio: Mini Album
*Fairport Convention – Lasting Spirit: The Collection
*Generation X – Live At Hatfield Poly 1980
*King Crimson – Starless And Bible Black (30th Anniversary Edition)
*Lynyrd Skynyrd – Greatest Hits
*The Mothers Of Invention – Absolutely Free (reissue)
*The Mothers Of Invention – We’re Only In It For The Money (reissue)
*Obituary – Frozen In Time
*Pink Floyd – London 1966*1967
*Iggy Pop – Million In Prizes: The Anthology
*Popol Vuh – Das Hohelied Salomons (reissue)
*Popol Vuh – Letzte Tage Letzte Nachte (reissue)
*Popol Vuh – Nacht Der Seele: Tantric Songs
*Sham 69 – Albums
*Soilent Green – Comfrontation
*Frank Zappa – Apostrophe (reissue)
*Frank Zappa – Hot Rats (reissue)
*Frank Zappa – Joe’s Garage: Act I (reissue)
*Frank Zappa – Joe’s Garage: Acts II & III (reissue)
*Frank Zappa – Lumpy Gravy (reissue)
*Frank Zappa And The Mothers – Over-Nite Sensation (reissue)
*Frank Zappa – Sheik Yerbouti (reissue)
*Frank Zappa – Strictly Commercial: The Best Of Frank Zappa (reissue)
*History Of Metallica
*Iggy Pop – Live At Avenue B
*Nazareth – From The Beginning

Monday, July 18, 2005

Dinosaur Jr/Broken Social Scene/Radio 4/Magik Markers. July 14 de Julio, Central Park Summerstage (NY)

For those who haven't followed the saga or if you're back paging or if you googled a concert review and find yourself here without previous knowledge of this blog or it's author, well i'm on vacations from the big, tiring and stressing task of living in Mexico City and chose a very exotic and different enviroment to what i'm used to, so that's why i'm in New York (that's sarcasm for you!) and that's why i'm telling the story of a concert i went to which happened way farther than where i usually attend concerts.

I arrived at Central Park at something like 5:30, the show was scheduled to start at 6:00 but doors were supposed to open at 4:30, something which kinda tipped me to hurry and get early since there was a lot of expectations, i thought. 5:30 was the earliest i could arrive, i was kinda slowing the pace that day i think; so i started roaming the lands that were fenced up to house a stage, some trailers and other commodities to make it look like a real concert ground, people who were already there were tanning on the sun, stretching on the ground, lying down, relaxing, speaking to each other, there were even some guys playing hacky sack (give me a fucking break is right). i went to the merch area, were they offered a great variety of products and memorabilia, a Broken Social Scene cd, the Dinosaur reissues, J Mascis' and Lou Barlow's solo shit, shirts, caps and copies of the reissued "Freak Scene" 7"; to my sadness, there was no Magik Markers merch, so my hopes of scoring a limited edition cd-r or a copy of my shopping list-topper I Trust My Guitar, Etc. LP soon faded, so i settled for a Dinosaur t-shirt and the "Freak Scene" 7", thinking i may come back for a cd. While walking around the land i noticed in this backstage area, which was a barricaded part of the park by the side of the stage were some trailers were parked, that J Mascis himself was there talking to people, which seemed cool, to watch one of my favorite guitar heroes be a person and doing human stuff so near to me, like talking; what i just wrote sounds too pretentious and like i think this guy is a god or something but that's not what i meant, the thing is that i'm finally seeing someone i have seen in videos and in pictures on magazines, the internet, etc. not possing but just chilling out, he didn't seem nervous at all. Then out of nowhere (to me at least) comes a giant blonde skinny guy and approaches J, it was Thurston Fucking Moore and he looked and acted exactly as i expected, laughing, all cool, in good spirits which was intimidating, he was just a few feet from me and i could have gone to the barricades and yell "Thurston" so maybe i could thank him for being such a big inspiration and a motherfucking killer artist but i frozed, because he impressed me so much as the way he is, which is exactly as you'd expect it to be. Then, when i thought it wouldn't get any better, Kim Gordon walks over there too, i couldn't believe i was seeing 2/5s of Sonic Youth so near to me; if i sound starstrucked that's because i am. I'm not trying to be a super geeky groupie fan when i say it but, to me, they seemed like rock royalty visiting a mighty event in music.

While trying to find a bit shadow from the trees around the area, i saw a tall red haired girl walk over onstage with guitar in hand, a curly haired guy sat behind the drums and another girl in this crazy, thrift store dress (or at least it looked that way), the Magik Markers were setting up!!! i recognized Leah in a second and most people weren't aware yet of what was going on so i could just walk up to the stage, in front of the barricade, for the first time a long time i was at the very front of the stage (at left, to be more precise). An anouncer started to inform about the Central Park concert series and about this particular show, making it known that Dinosaur haven't played with this very line up since 1989; then asking for an applause for the openers, the Magik Markers.

Elisa Ambrogio told the crowd that this was a hardcore show and tried to taunt the crowd to "fight" her, but since it was still early during the day, people weren't very up to it. What really struck me about the Markers was the state of their instruments, most of which seemed to be crumbling, Leah's guitar had a shattered pickguard and Elisa's left handed guitar wasn't that far off, but Pete Nolan's drumset was the stuff of legends, something you have to see and hear to be believed, he played with a cracked cymbal, the stand of the other cymbal was tour-fixed by taping a broken drumstick to the end of it so the cymbal would stay; plus, i don't know if this was just a cool idea or nessecity being the mother of invention, but i also noticed that the bottom cymbal on the hi hats was a bigger cymbal, a crash or a ride. The other thing that struck me about the Magik Markers was how much of a racket they did with such small means, by which i'm referring to Elisa's small (for stage use) Fender combo amp; since the go, they sent wave after wave of aggressive distorting noises, sometimes recalling the no wavey sound of Teenage Jesus and The Jerks or DNA and at times kicking into a hardcore kind of adrenaline high, topped off with buried vocals or/and accompanied with frenetic screaming; by all means this is way good and the music coming from the stage was excellent but i felt something was missing, they weren't spewing out the kind of energy i have seen from the videos i have been downloading from the Ecstatic Peace site, probably because they're used to play places were there's no stage, they are at floor level and having true interaction with the crowd; not that they didn't try to reach out, Elisa pretty much was tip toeing on the edge of the stage the whole time, sometimes falling and sometimes leaning to the front, and when a security guard was trying to keep her from falling to broken rib-ville she reached her hand for him to take, god knows what for, but the guard wouldn't play along. The band ended their set at the same place they started it and it was disappointing that the finale was so anti climatic, even if the set was far from bad. As the band gathered their gear, i overheard the security guard saying to somebody in the crowd "that was the worst fucking music i have ever heard in my life" and everytime someone says something like that to band like the Markers, an angel gets his/her wings.

Next up were Radio 4, which i had heard basically two things about them: 1) they are yet another band trying to imitate the post punk sounds of Gang Of Four, Joy Division and early PIL (like their name suggest) but come off sounding more like A Flock Of Seagulls and Billy Idol and 2) they suck. My suspicions grew larger when i saw they were setting up keyboards AND percussion; most bands that use percussion blow (with the clear exception of De-Loused era Mars Volta, but then again look at what they have become), it's pretty hard to have that self impossed handicap and come around it. The band did sound like an 80's arty but dancy new wave band, and played a predictable set, which kinda sucked (knowing that most of the other Dinosaur dates had Bardo Pond opening); but, to their credit, they played with energy, unlike other rock revivalists who are here to save rock n' roll who just like to stand there looking "cool" in designer-approved clothes. They rocked, but it was all been there, done that.

I didn't know much of Broken Social Scene except that they were a sort of Canadian collective, and i had an idea of what they could sound like, yet i didn't expect to see 10+ people, most of which were going to play guitar, pretty much all who were going to sing together at some point and even have a horn section; but before that, one of the guys in the band said that they were two guys short, which seemed a bit Spinal Tap to me, i thought they were joking, especially when he told the audience why they were missing, they were arrested for trying to score weed on a public park; everyone in the crowd laughed or clapped at the idiotic thought, and even the guy in the crowd concluded that, indeed, it was idiotic [Edit:: turns out the NYPD weren't too kind to the guys, check out the Pitchfork articule about them getting beat up by the the cops; to borrow a Buddyhead phrase: Shoot Pigs In The Face!]; they played a crowd pleasing (i do mean crowd pleasing, since most everyone was bewildered by them) set of shimmering, optimistic indie pop that was good but not extraordinare, in my opinion, they were fun to watch and to listen to but it didn't make me want to run to the merch table and buy their cd. They were ok, and that was that.

Since i arrived, and during breaks between bands, the PA was playing a variety of music which ranged from ancient folk recordings (you could tell they were ancient) to a drum n' bass version of "Oh Bondage! Up Yours!" by British '77 punks X-Ray Spex, or was it an "Oh Bondage! Up Yours!"-sampling drum n' bass song? Anyway, to me, the highlight of these in between songs was Black Flag's anthem "Wasted"; the roadies got everything ready for the band to come up onstage and destroy; J had the coolest amps ever, they were both full Marshall stacks, one of them all purple, the other half orange, half black, both old as fuck and showing it, i have decided since this show that the greatest looking gear is fucked, worn as hell stuff, Lou had two stacks as well, one topped with a power amp and the other with a Marshall guitar head (i think), it did look like one of the loudest things to be experienced, J has a rack-like box were he can plug all his analog pedals and switched them on and off with a MIDI remote footswitch, he had his usual arsenal of Jazzmasters and a Fender Strat; the drumset was small.

After a few minutes of anxious waiting, J Mascis, Lou Barlow and Murph took the stage, and started playing almost on the go, rocking hard, right after J thanked everyone for coming; i was standing right in front of J, who was wearing a Discharge shirt, how's that for punk?, and at first, the band wasn't as loud as i thought, but then, whenever he stepped on his pedal board it made the volume jump from concert loud to almost-pain in your ears kinda loud; sure, the fact that it was an open venue concert made it seem less loud but it was certainly very loud anyway. And right from the beginning things started to escalate, the second song they played was the Lou-showcase "In A Jar", who was rocking a Rickenbaker bass; i was startled to listen to them play and think of my Dinosaur bootlegs from '88 and '87 and realizing theat it sounded the same, as if they had never broken up and the reunion happened in 1991 instead of 2005. Song after song, it was great, loud awesome rock, most featuring those face-melting solos (J is definitely one of my favorite guitarists, and i don't like guitarists much); after Lou fooled around with a bassline after hearing a request from the crowd the band launched into the one song i classify as "the one i want to hear but probably they won't play" (it happens at every concert), which in this case was "Little Furry Things" which was fucking ecstatic; watching J play all the little fills and expansions of the chords made me realize that there's so much more to his great guitar playing than just his screaming solos, it was something you can only learn at a concert; the band was playing so hard that Murph lost his glass sometime during the show and they ended up in the crowd, the security people made the kid who had them give them back and when Lou noticed they were putting a pair of glasses onstage, he went "glasses?" not knowing what was going on, then realizing they were there drummer's; the band was in amazing spirits, Lou and Murph were constantly smiling and i'm pretty sure i saw J break at least one smile. At some point towards the end of the set, some guy managed to climb the barricade, reach for the stage, get up, run a little and jump into the crowd; problem was, he chose to jump exactly where i was standing; as i was just thinking that i had a t shirt and a fragile vinyl 7" disc in my hands, i instinctively ducked and stood back and by some kind of miracle i avoided getting whacked in the head by a boot, even if i still felt a leg whistle past me, and it sure was strange to have Kim Gordon looking to my direction while she smiled for the stagediver.

After a brief absence following their last song, the band came onstage again and started to rip thru one of their best known masterpieces: "Freak Scene", they played it aggressively, with J switching between a flange and a tremolo during the first instrumental break on the song and when the solo was supposed to start, J just switched on the flanger again and threw his guitar, letting it ring without us noticing that he actually broke a string, he picked it up to mess noisily with it before his roadie gave him another guitar just in time; as the solo time ended, J started to sing the bridge of the song but soon his voice was drowned by that of everyone else's singing: "sometimes i don't thrill you/sometimes i think i'll kill you/so don't let me fuck up will you/'cause when i need a friend it's still you", which felt amazing since this wasn't a sing along kind of show, J even smiled right there and then, i felt those lyrics as if they were happening at that same moment, and so did happen to everyone singing along, it was definitely a special moment. After that song, the crowd went crazy yet again, when they followed "Freak Scene" with their cover of the Cure's "Just Like Heaven", which everyone, being the good indie kids they are, knew by heart; i remembered for a brief moment one of the very first moments of the whole show, when Elisa Ambrogio said this was a "hardcore show", for it became one for just one chorus, when everyone screamed "you!!!" and pointed their fingers to the band during the chorus of that song, not to mention that a mosh pit was way undergoing for a while. They left the stage and returned once more to play "The Lung", then "Chunks" and then it was complete, over and amazing.

At the end of the show, i was driven to buy one their cds but the line was e-fucking-normous, proving that those albums will arrive to people who might have all but ignore one of the greatest bands ever.


Gargoyle / In a Jar / No Bones / Mountain Man / Little Fury Things / Raisans / Budge / Kracked / Tarpit / Repulsion / Bulbs of Passion / Forget the Swan / Sludgefeast * ENCORE 1: Freak Scene / Just Like Heaven * ENCORE 2: The Lung / Chunks

Others who had something to say or have something to show you about this show: Brooklyn Vegan, New York Times.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

July 12 de Julio Releases/Lanzamientos

*Adolescents – O.C. Confidential
*All-American Rejects – Move Along
*Allman Brothers Band – American University 12/13/70
*The Arcade Fire
*Ari Up – Dread more Than Dead
*Adrian Below – Side Two
*The Black Dahlia Murder – Miasma
*Chemical Brothers – Boxer
*Alex Chilton – Like Flies On Sherbert/Feudalist Tarts
*Cinderella – Live
*Circle Of Dead Children – Zero Comfort Margin
*Clutch – Pitchfork And Lost Needles
*The Decemberists – The Tain EP (reissue)
*Deep Purple – Gemini Suite Live 1970
*The Dictators – Viva Dictators
*Discharge – Born Immortal
*Enough Z’Nuff – Strenght
*Free (reissue)
*Giles, Giles & Fripp – Brondesbury Tapes (1968)
*Giles, Giles & Fripp – Cheerful Insanity Of Giles, Giles & Fripp (reissue)
*Gravy Train!!!! – Are You Wigglin?
*Herman’s Hermits – The Very Best
*Iron Maiden – The Essential Iron Maiden
*Jackie-O Motherfucker – Fig .5
*Jackie-O Motherfucker – Liberation
*Jimmy Eat World – Futures (German Deluxe Version)
*Killing Joke – Democracy
*Killing Joke – Pandemonium
*Kix – Live
*Metalux – Victim Of Space
*The Mighty Mighty Bosstones – 20th Century Masters: The Millennium Collection
*Neon Blonde – Headlines EP
*The Partisans
*Peter Pan Speedrock – Spread Eagle
*Prefuse 73 – Reads The Books
*Steve Reich – Live 1977
*Sex Gang Children – Song And Legend (reissue)
*Spacemen 3 – Translucent Flashbacks
*Ulver – Blood Inside
*Violent Femmes – Permanent Record: The Very Best Of
*Ben Watt - ... Presents Buzzin’ Fly, Vol. 2
*White Mice – Assphixxxaetateshun
*White Out – China Is Near
*Xiu Xiu – La Foret
*MC5 – Kick Out The Jams
*Violent Femmes – Permanent Record: Live & Otherwise
*Jonny Greenwood – Bodysong
*Shadow Project – And Then There Was Death

Hey There/Hola a Todos

Hey everybody, for the sake of keeping up with the haps, i'm in New York, enjoying the rain; tomorrow i'll be heading to Central Park to watch the Dinosaur Jr reunion for myself, opening the show are Broken Social Scene, Magik Fucking Markers!!! and Radio 4; i have big hopes for the J, Lou and Murph show, and also for the Markers who have been like, one of my favorite new bands from this year, i'll give you my notes Friday, i think.

This post also marks the beginning of a new era, since it's the first one that will be billingual; inspired in big part by the
D3SNT3GRAdô blog, i'll go spanglish since this very post, i tried coming up with a mirror but that's too complicated, maybe i'll even change the url for the one on the mirror, i'll decide it later on.

expect more from me soon



Hola todo el mundo, para tenerlos informados, estoy en Nueva York de vacaciones, disfrutando de la lluvia. Mana;a voy a ir a Central Park para presenciar uno de los conciertos de reunion de Dinosaur Jr, abriendoles estaran Broken Social Scene, Magik Fucking Markers!!!!! y Radio 4; tengo grandes expectativas del show de J, Lou y Murph, asi como de los markers, quienes han sido una de mis bandas favoritas de este a;o. El viernes les dare un reporte de como estuvo.

Este post tambien marca una buena era en el blog, ya que es el primer bilingue que hago, me inspire bastante en el blog
D3SNT3GRAdô, esto significa que de ahora en adelante todo en aqui sera en espanglish, trate de hacer una pagina paralela pero me parecio muy complicado, hasta he pensado en cambiar la direccion de internet a la que tengo apartada para el espejo, pero esa es una desicion que hare despues.

Esperen mas de mi pronto.


Monday, July 11, 2005

July 5 Releases

*Deep Purple – Live In Stockholm 1970
*The Fall – Live From The Vaults: Los Angeles 1979
*The Fall – Live in Glasgow 1981
*The Fall – Live In Holf Alter Banhoff 1981
*Fennesz/Sakamoto – Sala Santa Cecilia EP
*Hawkwind – Weird Tapes Vol. 7: Dave Brock, The Demos
*Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan – Nami Danam
*King Crimson – Earthbound
*999 – Outbursts: Demos and Outtakes 77-79
*Sufjan Stevens - Illinois
*Turbonegro – Party Animals [Sweden]
*David Bowie – Rock Review
*Free – Rock Review
*Led Zeppelin – Rock Review
*Nirvana – Rock Review
*Rockin’ At The Red Dog: The Dawn Of Psychedelic Rock
*T Rex – Rock Review
*Thin Lizzy – Rock Review
*Van Der Graaf Generator – Rock Review

Thursday, July 07, 2005


Yeah, yeah, i know, incredibly lack of activity here, now let me explain: This monday, since i'm on vacations, i am going to New York for a couple of weeks to chill, hunt down some rare Bulb Records 7" noise vinyl and probably see some kick ass concerts. This, however, means that the blog is going to suffer a little bit from this; post will be a bit more irregular i think (more irregular!!!) and not as active, plus, i don't think i will be posting much of my favorite shit, but i'm trying to do some homework so i can have some more normal, regular updates while i'm not home, i have a couple of interviews in the can, i have some reviews to be posted soon also, and i'll try to work on getting some tunes for download. The server for the radio show is still fucked, i haven't got a solution yet (except yousenditing it!) but i'll try to record another show or two.

i have so much to write about, the Live Hate, i mean, G8 concert; some of today's stupidities involving music, season finales of my favorite TV shows (The O.C.-good; Gilmore Girls-moronic), and just good entertaining reading for you, i hope.

So, hope you're all doing fine and have good vacations


So yeah, today was a fucked tragic day for the world, to London, more specifically, you probably heard of the terrorist thoughts and prayers go out to everyone there and hope for things to get better in this fucked up era. No justification can be giving to the killing of innocent people.

And i thought Bono already fixed the world because he got to sing "Sargeant Pepper" with Paul McCartney...