Monday, September 05, 2005

September 6 de Septiembre Releases/Lanzamientos

*Bellini – Small Stones
*Between The Buried And Me – Alaska
*Black Dice – Broken Ear Record
*John Coltrane – Love Supreme Live In Concert
*Miles Davis – Miles Tone (reissue)
*Deep Purple – Who Do We Think We Are (reissue)
*Earth/KK Null – Tour split
*The Exploited – Beat The Bastards (reissue)
*Frantic Mantis – Data Is Not Information
*M83 s/t
*Bob Marley – Lively Up Yourself
*New Model Army - Carnival
*Pere Ubu – Pennsylvania (reissue)
*Pere Ubu – Ray Gun Suitcase (reissue)
*Ruins – Pallaschtom
*Sloan – Navy Blues (reissue)
*Sloan – One Chord To Another (reissue)
*Vibracathedral Orchestra – Tuning To The Rooster
*Muddy Waters – Muddy’s Blues
*Punk: Attitude
*Saturday Night Live – The Best Of Dan Aykroyd
*Saturday Night Live – The Best Of John Belushi