Thursday, July 07, 2005


Yeah, yeah, i know, incredibly lack of activity here, now let me explain: This monday, since i'm on vacations, i am going to New York for a couple of weeks to chill, hunt down some rare Bulb Records 7" noise vinyl and probably see some kick ass concerts. This, however, means that the blog is going to suffer a little bit from this; post will be a bit more irregular i think (more irregular!!!) and not as active, plus, i don't think i will be posting much of my favorite shit, but i'm trying to do some homework so i can have some more normal, regular updates while i'm not home, i have a couple of interviews in the can, i have some reviews to be posted soon also, and i'll try to work on getting some tunes for download. The server for the radio show is still fucked, i haven't got a solution yet (except yousenditing it!) but i'll try to record another show or two.

i have so much to write about, the Live Hate, i mean, G8 concert; some of today's stupidities involving music, season finales of my favorite TV shows (The O.C.-good; Gilmore Girls-moronic), and just good entertaining reading for you, i hope.

So, hope you're all doing fine and have good vacations

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