Saturday, April 30, 2005

Music News and Rants

Depeche Mode are recording their next album in Santa Barbara, California right now. The thing will be out by fall; i can't wait!!

Glastonbury is gonna suck more than usual this year, click here for the full line-up. The festival will be held June 24, 25 and 26.

I was not gonna say anything about but this is too good to pass off: you all know Limp Dickshit is doing a new album and that it's produced by Ross Robinson and has Wes Borland playing again, well that's nothing compared to the genius of the track listing, check it out:

Track List for "The Unquestionable Truth (Part 1):
"The Propaganda"
"The Truth"
"The Priest"
"The Key"
"The Channel"
"The Story"
"The Surrender""

Spain is getting great line-ups on it's festivals lately, check out the one for the Benicassim International Festival here

A demo tape recorded in 1994 by the studio-project band Terror (no, not Trustkill Records neo-hardcore Terror) which featured Adrian Erlandsson (ex-At The Gates, ex-The Haunted, now in Crayola Of Shit, i mean, Cradle Of Filth), Anders Björler (ex-At The Gates, now in The Haunted), Jonas Björler (same as Anders) and Jon Nödtveit (of Dissection) has surfaced; download it and bang your head here

Astralwerks is reissuing the only album recorded by The 101ers, Joe Strummer's band before The Clash, the set will consist of the album plus some live versions and previously unheard studio tracks.

The White Stripes think they're very funny, their new album is gonna be called Satan or something. Hey, how about changing the name to We're Only Two Retards And We're Overrated?

If you're into Krautrock, you should definitely check out Impressions, Faust's new DVD, it's a visual mindfuck, in case you didn't suspect it.

The new Chemical Brothers video is my favorite video of the moment, yeah, i'm talking about the one where some guy thinks those big ass assembly robots are chasing him all over town; the song is very pedestrian so-so, but the video is rad as fuck!

And speaking of DVDs, Low has a documentary coming out on June 28, Low In Europe chronicles their Trust 2002 tour and features, well, the band touring Europe plus live performances, sounds sweet. Watch the trailer

Pelican are releasing a sneak peek from their upcoming album which is an EP (with a new song from the afore-mentioned album plus a remix by Justin Broadrick), it sounds boss!!!. The band is not only releasing a new full length later on, but they're also releasing a split with Mono; dude, you know I'm saving for that shit!!!

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