Tuesday, January 31, 2006

New And Rants

McLusky will release a "greatest hits" both available for n00b (as a one cd deal) or for experts (as a montruos 3 cd set with a-sides b-sides and no-sides). Both will have their last song known as "McLuskyism". Look for it February 27 on Too Pure, mark the calendar right the fuck right now!!!

The Rogers Sisters will be jerking and herking around in March, first with the single "Never Learn To Cry" and then with their full lenght next album The Invisible Deck. Get into the groove

Stereolab freaks will have a busy day on March 7, they will release 3 7-inch/a double 10"/ single cd/ whatever you fancy set of new songs known as Fab Four Suture.

The AIDS Wolf album, Lovvers LP fucking rocks!!! Don't let the dumbers at Spin fool you!! if you are perverted, go to the Skin Graft website to watch the band get, get nekkid

Do People know that the new augmented rhythm section of the Melvins is Big Business? Is this the raddest fusion of bands ever? is the earth more prone to earthquakes now?

Britt Daniels will be kicking it old school like Nancy Drew on that Veronica Mars show

JR Connors, formerly of Cave In, is now in Doomriders

Rose For Bohdan rock, check them out; dance and noise and pop, but not like when people make you believe stuff like that then it's nothing at all like that, this is the real deal. Buy their album from Deathbomb Arc.

-> Peter And The Rabbit And The Wolf.mp3

Coachella is looking like slaying this year; so far the bands anounced are: DEPECHE MODE and TOOL as headliners and Paul Oakenfold, Franz Ferdinand, My Morning Jacket, Bloc Party, TV On The Radio, Sigur Ros, Scissor Sisters, Cat Power, Damian Marley, Tricky, Nine Black Alps, Hard-Fi, Editors, the Zutons, Art Brut, the Magic Numbers and the Subways, the Walkmen, the Dears, Carl Cox, Wolf Parade, Metric, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Phoenix, Deerhoof, Derrick Carter, Devendra Banhart, the Like, Sleater-Kinney, Mogwai, Dungen, Animal Collective, Coheed & Cambria, Mylo, Jamie Lidell, the Go! Team, Tosca and Coldcut.

Radiohead is playing Bonnaroo with Tom Petty, talk about rad, right?!

Melissa Auf der Maur is now an A&R for EMI Canada. Cool.

The Arctic Monkeys are the new saviour of rock n' roll and will be loved by every tonedeaf poseur in Mexico and Latin America for the months to come

Julien Temple will be making a documentary about the life and times of Joe Strummer. Cooler

Opeth is getting ridiculous, the are now going to be playing with a ballet

Megadeth will release the mother of thrash metal dvds before Get Thrashed gets released. Arsenal Of Megadeth will be out March 21 and it will feature everything from Peace Sells... era shit until their fake selves of today

KRS are releasing a comp with new Sufjan song

Orthrelm are touring for the first time in like a million years. They will be also releasing a split with Behold The Arctopus (with artwork by Away from VOI-muthafuckin'-VOD no less!!!!) on March 29 on Crucial Blast

Livewire Records will release a grunge retrospective album with the very inventive name of Sleepless In Seatle. To balance out the lameness, it will include Mr Epp And The Calculations' monster anthem "Mohawk Man"

Xiu Xiu is releasing and rereleasing a shitload of stuff, but that's hardly news. Go to Deathbomb Arc

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